About Me


 “Photograph is autograph of your perception“ - Ashish Mistry

Ashish Mistry is a well established and well skilled photographer in Gujarat as well as in the Country. He runes his studio in Art City (Kala Nagari) Vadodara. He started his journey as a professional photographer in 1998 and then he flourished his senses and skills in various visual communication methods. Because his father was in the business of electrical equipments and creative lighting, he could explore and experiment his creative intellect about lighting. Hi saw his path of life more clearly in camera flash so he focused his spot light on the camera and admitted it as his nearest companion.

He has plenty of experience in indoor and outdoor photography of Hotels, Resorts and various kinds of industries. His work has been featured on the Webshots homepage, drawing excellent reviews from experts worldwide. He travels a lot to fulfill the needs of his clients based in India as well as Abroad. He has been assigned work by Canon India Pvt. Ltd. for Model photos to be published in 'Canon Digital Photography Handbook'. He has artistic as well as technical expertise in photographical subjects like Luxury Hotel & Resorts, Landscape & Travel Destinations, People and Corporate, Food & Beverages, and Advertising, Aerial Shots and Drone Photography etc. Creation of 360° Virtual Tour is one of his best achievements.

Now He is more focused in food photography and he has considered it as his most desired subject. He has crafted his studio in such a way that he can produce and arrange specific food items with stylish approach. He considers himself very much lucky person as his life partner (Archna) is one of the best food stylists in Gujarat. When life partner becomes creative partner also, what miracle happens – one can see in the portfolio.